The 16th Tangier Jazz Festival

9 - 13 September 2015 - Tangier - Morocco

More information will be available soon (Festival Tickets, Accommodation, Transfers….)

Please send us an email to info@moroccofestivals.co.uk


At the crossroads between Europe and Africa, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, Tangier is the doorway to Morocco.

Look, listen and absorb: the diversity of the bustling crowds, the heavy fragrances in the markets the murmurs of sea and city blending together – a feast of sensations that stuns the senses.

There is still an air of mystery about this city, dating back to the time when Tangier was an international zone. “The white city”, the star of many films, the city of many stars – a city to fall I love with. Many are those who come here just to visit but end up settling permanently. Tangier conjures up mystery, intrigue and romance. The doorway to Morocco: step through and you will be captivated forever

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